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What is a Low Vision Device?

Low Vision Devices in Manasquan, NJ

A low vision device is an apparatus that improves vision. There is no one device that restores normal vision in all circumstances, so you may need different devices for different purposes. Drs. Richman have found the most effective manner of prescribing Low Vision Devices is by initially loaning them to you. It allows you to realize the advantages and limitations of the device in and out of the office setting. It also relieves the pressure of feeling pushed into purchasing something without mastering it first.

Optical low vision devices

Optical low vision devices use lenses or combinations of lenses to provide magnification. They should not be confused with standard eyeglasses. There are five main kinds of optical devices:

  • Microscopes are used for near magnification and are stronger than ordinary glasses. When you use them, you need to hold your reading material very close; otherwise the print is out of focus. This may feel awkward at first, but you will become used to it. They are designed for close work, so magnifying spectacles leave both hands free to hold reading material.
  • Hand magnifiers are familiar to most people. With these, you can hold reading material at a normal distance. You can buy hand magnifiers in department or drug stores.
  • Stand magnifiers rest on the reading material. Some have a self-contained light source.
  • Telescopes are used for distance magnification. They may be hand held for viewing distant objects, or mounted in spectacles.
  • Closed-circuit television produces an enlarged image on a television screen. With adjustable magnification and contrast, a closed-circuit television is often easier to use than other devices.


Low Vision Products can be purchased through The Doctor’s Choice. Click here to visit their website.


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