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Ocutech Telescopes

Ocutech AutoFocus

The revolutionary, hands-free telescopic low vision aid that changes what you see, and the way you see.

Shore Family Eyecare are the leading New Jersey eye doctors who provide low vision support and treatment.

Ocutech, Inc. announces the VES-Autofocus Bioptic Telescope System that, for the first time, provides close to natural vision for low vision patients suffering from Macular Degeneration and other vision impairments.

Visually impaired individuals depend upon magnification to see signs at a distance, television, faces, price tags, aisle signs in supermarkets, computer screens, and of course reading materials.

In the past, magnification has been problematic because even slight movements can blur the image. And, of course, shifting from one object to another, such as from the blackboard to the desk, meant having to stop each time to refocus the device.

The VES-Sport adopts many of the convenient features of the VES-K and provides a very bright image, in a stylish new design. Its innovative parallax correction control allows the VES-Sport to be set for either a distance or mid/near range bias, which provides optimized image localization for the user. Its light weight enables it to be worn comfortably for hours. Available in 4x and 6x powers, the VES-Sport offers the important combination of quality Keplerian optics, bright image, wide field of view, light weight, great appearance and ease of use at any working distance.
Prescribed for the better seeing eye, the VES-Sport is mounted onto specially designed eyeglass frames, available in many colors and sizes. Your normal distance prescription and bifocal can also be incorporated. Its novel readjustable mounting system lets future prescription changes be easily accommodated.


Ocutech VES-K

Now there is a new option for the Ocutech VES manual focus bioptic telescope system! The VES in the new "K mounting style" mounted on conventional metal frames!

The VES-K® is fast becoming the most popular method for prescribing the Ocutech VES manual focus low vision telescopes.

The VES-K® offers you the same great Keplerian optics that Ocutech is known for, in a new, improved mounting design that provides:

  • great cosmetic appearance and wearing comfort
  • light weight
  • available in 4x and 6x powers
  • near focusing to as close as 9 inches
  • internal refractive corrections from +12 to -12
  • ease of prescribing and fitting
  • larger eyepiece
  • wider field of view
  • greater ease of sighting through the system!

The VES-K® is completely adjustable for pupillary distance and angle of inclination by simply loosening the screws on the back of the bridge. This innovative design gives the prescriber full control over the critical positioning of the telescope, ensuring the precise, optimum fit, even for challenging eccentric viewing and nystagmus patients. You also have the confidence of knowing that the system can be "fine-tuned" at any time.

The VES-K® is interchangeable for use by either the right or left eye and is available in a choice of two handsome quality Marchon frames — the Kirk for adults and the Disney 42 for women and children. Customization for mounting to other frames is also an option.


The VES Mini

About the Ocutech Mini Bioptic System

The Ocutech VES®-MINI is an innovative, miniature 3x expanded field (keplerian) telescope system for the visually impaired. It provides a combination of an unusually wide 15.0 degree field of view and a very compact physical design. The Ocutech VES®-MINI is equivalent in size to small focusing galilean telescopes and only half the size of most expanded field telescopes. The MINI'S crisp, bright, optics provide internal focusing for refractive errors from +12 to -12 and for near viewing to as close as 12 inches. Eyepiece corrections and front mounted reading caps and filter are also available. The Ocutech VES®-MINI is prescribed as you would any other conventional bioptic telescope system and con be ordered for monocular or binocular use and for distance and near.

Special designs optimize performance

The Ocutech VES®-MINI offers several additional features that make it even more unique and desirable. Its optical design minimizes the ring scotoma characteristic of many telescope systems. Its field of view has been expanded horizontally to provide extra added vision in the important lateral fields. Its special "captured helical thread" allows for very fast focusing with its full focus range covered in less than one complete turn. Its light weight will allow it to be worn comfortably for hours.


The Ocutech VES®-MINI is appropriate for all bioptic telescope applications and is indicated for individuals with best corrected vision as poor as 20/200 in disorders where acuity is responsive to magnification. The Ocutech VES®-MINI can be mounted in conventional, fashionable ophthalmic frames either as a turn-key total package, or it can be installed into frames provided by the prescriber.

VES® MINI Features:

  • The smallest, lightest, widest field bioptic telescope ever!
  • Minimized "ring scotoma"
  • Can be prescribed monocularly or binocularly
  • Can be prescribed for distance or near
  • Focuses from 12 inches to infinity
  • Internal refractive error corrections from +12 to -12
  • Eyepiece corrections available
  • Filter and reading cap options
  • Can be installed in most conventional or designer frames.

For more information about ocutech telescopes please contact Shore Family Eyecare.