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PulseData – Electronic Magnification Systems


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SmartView² represents a new generation of low vision reading aids. If you or someone you care about is affected by low vision then the outstanding, new SmartView² series is your answer for reading and writing independence.


SmartView      3000


  • 75Hz refresh rate giving flicker free image
  • Intuitive Design that is easy-to-use
  • Range of Display Options
    High contrast Black & White
    Positive & Negative Image
    Selectable background and foreground colour combinations
  • Magnification Range 3.5x to 28x with a 17” display
  • Display Selection
    Full screen CCTV view
    Full screen PC view
    PC and Macintosh compatible

Optional Upgrades

  • Smart Keypad
    Onscreen display of time, date and four-function calendar
  • Smart PC Access Kit
    PC & Macintosh compatibility, ZoomText Lite Screen Enlargement Software, Footswitch



$700 USED
Black & White 75Hz model with Selectable Background and Foreground Colours.

The SmartView2 3000 provides you with a comprehensive solution for all your low vision reading and writing needs.
If macular degeneration or other causes of low vision affect you, then SmartView2 3000 is your ideal video magnification solution.

SmartView Accessories

Smart Keypad Features

Line Marker


Smart Organizer Features

Telephone/Address Book
Appointment Calendar
Memo Pad
Line Marker

A Brilliant Full Colour Auto Focus Video Magnifier

The unique Smart Keypad and Smart Organizer have been designed to enhance your SmartView. Both provide on-screen information in large print to make daily tasks so much easier! Simply plug either the Keypad or Organizer into your SmartView and your video magnifier can become your large print address book, your appointment calendar, memo pad, and calculator. As well as these features both tools provide large print date and time display.


Smart View Xtend

SmartView Xtend designed by you -The SmartView Xtend has been carefully designed to offer people with macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, or other eye conditions, increased flexibility and additional functionality.

By magnifying and enlarging text, objects, and actions, the SmartView Xtend makes everyday activities like viewing photos, reading labels, browsing through a magazine, writing cheques, and doing a crossword, easy once again.

One base model tailored to your needs - Getting started is easy with the SmartView Xtend. It includes all the basic features you’d expect, plus a few more that our customers asked for. If you decide you want to upgrade your SmartView to include more features, you can - easily and affordably, by choosing any of the SmartView Xtend modules.

Our customers asked and we listened - Each extend module has been designed to fit specific customer profiles identified through usability research. We study users' backgrounds and their daily routine, then closely monitor how they use our product.

Usability is where the vision of our product development team meets the real-world demands of our customers. It is this vital research that has made the SmartView Xtend more useful, usable and desirable.

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