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Drs. Richman and Lane have updated the flow of the office to include numerous changes.  We now have integrated computers into in each of the exam rooms.  The old projectors have been replaced with computer integrated visual acuity assesment.  Each of the rooms received new examination chairs and equipment.

We have redesigned the office to include a room to further assess and manage Glaucoma.  A whole new room was built to house our Vision Rehabilitation services with computer and standard techniques.  As insurance has become such a major part of our practice, we have created a billing office with Colleen running this area.

Our staff is changing also, with Lori and Missy going for certification by the American Optometric Association's Para Optometric Section. 


For more information and up-to-date COVID-19 Procedures and Protocols, please click HERE. If you have a scheduled Telehealth appointment please click HERE.