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Shore Family Eye Staff

Why Choose Shore Family Eyecare for Your Eye Exam
Or Low Vision Rehabilitation?

1468209224_check Personal care: Unlike many retail chains, department stores and large medical groups the doctors at Shore Family Eyecare have been with the company since the inception. We are truly a family business – the same people who answer the phones, provide your eye exam, help you learn how to put in your contacts, teach you how to use a magnifier or provide vision therapy for your child. When you call, you know us, and we know you.

1468209224_check Exceptional eye exams: If you are looking for a quality eye exam that offers comprehensive evaluation of your ocular health and outstanding visual outcomes, Shore Family Eyecare offers the expertise of different training to meet the demands of your visual needs. Some people have visual complaints that require extensive examination of the eyes, while others have eyes that work fine but are struggling academically, and there are others that have their eye health managed by other doctors and need special attention paid to the optical options of low vision. Wouldn’t it be nice to pick the type of exam that you receive provided by a doctor that is board certified on the problem you are having? Dr. Kathleen Kinzley is focuses on ocular disease and has become our office glaucoma specialist. Dr. Maria Richman is a past chair of the American Optometric Association’s Vision Rehabilitation Section and limits her practice to seeing only visually impaired children and adults. Dr. Harvey Richman is board certified in Pediatric and Vision Developmental eye care services.

1468209224_check No wait: Many practices will double book patients or put time limits on the exam to less than 10 minutes. At Shore Family Eyecare, we stagger our exams and give up to an hour for each patient visit to ensure your doctor has time to give you an optimal prescription for you and thoroughly evaluate your ocular health. Last year our average wait time to see the doctor was less than 5 minutes. We are here for you, not the other way around.

Complete Eye Care Solutions

Our vision center in Manasquan offers complete eye care solutions. Drs. Maria and Harvey Richman are happy to fulfill all of your visual needs. We offer full spectrum, comprehensive eye care to patients of all ages. From the moment that you schedule your appointment, you are in excellent hands.

The doctors’ philosophy, A Caring Family Practice, was developed by the husband and wife team. They consider every patient as part of their family. Our Manasquan vision center allows as much time as necessary for all of its patients. There is no rushing. The doctors provide all the vision center services and and you’ll feel the warmth and care that will make this the only eye care practice that you’ll ever need.


Dr. Richman speaks nationally at eye care conferences and seminars.

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