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Ask Me 3

Good Questions for Your Good Health

Use the Ask Me 3 questions every time you talk with a health care provider

1. What is my main problem?

2. What do I need to do?

3. Why is it important for me
to do this?

When to Ask Questions

You can ask questions when:

• You see a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, or other
health care provider.
• You prepare for a medical test or procedure.
• You get your medicine.

What If I Ask and Still Don’t Understand?

• Let your health care provider know if you still
don’t understand what you need to do.
• You might say, “This is new to me. Will you
please explain that to me one more time?”

Who Needs to Ask 3?

Everyone wants help with health information.
You are not alone if you find things confusing
at times. Asking questions helps you understand
how to stay well or to get better.

Learn more about Ask Me 3