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Presbyopia and Aging

Contact your Manasquan, NJ Optometrist to Find Out About Treatment Options

Presbyopia is a visual impairment related to aging in which objects at a close range, such as newspapers, books or sewing, become blurred. With the increasing worldwide population of older adults, more and more people develop presbyopia, which currently cannot be escaped.

Theories about the cause of presbyopia are that the eyes' lenses will sometimes toughen around age 40, making it harder for eyes to focus in on something, especially an object nearby. Sufferers often manage with the reduced vision by holding a newspaper away from their eyes or standing back from the object they want to focus on. Transitions from focusing on far off objects to closer ones is often straining for those with presbyopia. This stress can worsen the situation resulting in headaches, eye strain or fatigue.

The most common corrections for presbyopia are bifocals or progressives (PALs). Bifocal lenses have two points of focus, the main part of the lens has a prescription for distance vision and the other part of the lens is for focusing on things that are close by. Progressive lenses work similarly to bifocal lenses, however the transitions between the two prescriptions are more gradual. Users will more easily change visual focus, as they might if they had standard sight. An alternative would be reading glasses which, unlike bifocals or PALs which are worn all day, are used only as needed.

If contacts are preferred over glasses, there are other options such as multifocal lenses. It may take a while to come up with the optimal method and type of contacts because different prescriptions can have an effect on your comfort or distance vision.

There are also options for other procedures including surgery that could be considered that may be worth discussing with your eye doctor. Many patients find the most success by combining options for presbyopia. Furthermore, since your vision will likely deteriorate with age, it is likely that you will be required to continually adjust the strength of your correction. The good news is, there is quite a bit of research being done to identify additional effective solutions for the growing number of people dealing with presbyopia.

If you are beginning to see symptoms of presbyopia, book a check up with your Manasquan, NJ eye doctor. Better vision can be yours!