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Purchasing Eyeglasses On the Internet…A Good Idea? Maybe Not

In today's world, where more and more consumers have become accustomed to buying anything and everything on the Web, eyeglasses are one item that needs to be carefully reviewed prior to clicking that purchase button. Here's why. Although web-based e-commerce sites often promote reduced rates, the advantages of going to an optical store far overshadow the ''deals'' you might get online.

A convincing argument for purchasing your glasses at an eye wear store is that you have an experienced optician to advise you in your selection. Our staff can advise you in the countless considerations you will account for in selecting a pair of eyeglasses. In instances where you order through the Internet, you miss out on the personalized input of a professional eye care expert.

Above and beyond the guidance a professional can offer at a physical optical boutique, the other benefit you have is that you get to try out the eyeglasses prior to buying. Glasses that don't fit right can cause pain and frustration and may also reduce the efficacy of your prescription. Also, you don't get to see how they really look or how they feel until you try them on. To a greater extent than your clothing, glasses require correct fit and comfort to work effectively.

Even more than the comfort and alignment of your glasses, good eyesight demands accurate Pupillary Distance calculation. The optical center of your lenses gives you the best vision, making it crucial to correctly calculate the space between your pupils, or PD. It can be tricky to measure your PD by yourself, but without it, your lenses won't be aligned properly in the frames.

Yes, online shopping may be great for other products, but in the case of glasses your best bet is sticking to your regular optometry office where you are able to find glasses that are most appropriate for you and your lifestyle.