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Rigid Lenses: Do They Make Sense for You?


While you may be most accustomed to soft contact lenses, another lesser-known type of contact lens materials exists: gas permeable (GP) lenses, sometimes called oxygen permeable lenses.

In reality, hard lenses are a newer technology than soft contacts, and they last longer, are often more effective in improving eyesight, and provide better resilience. Additionally RGP lenses may also be less expensive in the long run than soft lenses. Of course, you need to first discuss with an optometrist to determine whether GPs suit your lifestyle. Our optometry practice can assist you in determining if RGP lenses are suitable for you.

Since a GP is composed of inflexible material, it maintains its form well when you blink, which tends to allow for crisper vision than the average soft lens. In addition GPs are particularly durable. Though they can crack if stepped on, they don’t easily rip like soft lenses. Further, because they consist of materials that don't include water, proteins or lipids from your tears don’t adhere to GPs as easily as they will to soft lenses. People that are extra particular about vision quality will probably choose GPs.

One of the inconveniences of GPs is that they need to be worn regularly to reach optimum comfort. Further, there are some who report “spectacle blur” with GPs, which is when eyesight is unclear when the lenses are removed even while still wearing glasses. While the effect is only temporary, it can require full-time GP usage.

If you are thinking about hard lenses, make sure to first ask your eye care practitioner to ascertain if you really are a candidate. You never know…hard lenses might be the perfect solution for you!


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