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See Your Child Off To School with Good Vision

About 80% of progress at school is achieved visually. But even with this obvious connection between vision and learning, many parents don't seem to be aware of just how frequently occurring vision problems are, and don't include eye exams as part of their child's back to school preparations. As your child's vision may change frequently, regular eye care is central to success at school.

Kids, it's worth noting, have the impressive ability to work with an issue with their sight and they might not complain about any sort of trouble, because they don't actually realize they are having a problem seeing. As children go through school, it becomes increasingly important to keep an eye on their eyesight.

Not having the ability to meet the visual requirements of the classroom and school work may noticeably affect their academic performance. New educational technology, such as the use of interactive whiteboards, can even provoke previously hidden vision issues. If a student doesn't have good enough vision, it isn't just their performance at school that suffers. It's mentally and emotionally tough on them too.

If you're the parent of a glasses-wearing child, now is a good time to see if their prescription is still adequate. Sometimes, although a child can see well with his or her older glasses, they might need to be adjusted or perhaps the lenses are not optimally positioned anymore due to normal development. If you want a student to wear his glasses, he better feel good about them!

Be sure to stop by to see us as part of your back-to-school routine. We'll do all we can to help our young patients begin the new school year with great vision.