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Why Contact Lenses Are a Great Option for Adolescents

No adolescent wants to be seen wearing something out of style, and for some teens, glasses can often feel that way. Young adults may balk at the idea of having to wear eyeglasses and appearing ''uncool''. In comparison with glasses, kids and teenagers who opt for contact lenses feel a significant improvement in their looks, reports a newly released study. The study report indicates that beginning from the age of eight, pre-teens should be given the choice of lenses. Results were reported in the November issue of Eye & Contact Lens, published by the Contact Lens Association.

So why are contacts such a good option for adolescents? Young adults are self-conscious, and they often feel more attractive and accepted when they don't have glasses being the focus of their appearance. Contact lenses can promote a teenager's self-esteem by providing them a less obvious alternative for their vision needs.

Although teens are generally provided with contact lenses, children younger than 13 are typically not offered the choice of lenses, since eye care providers and parents don't believe that children have the proper maturity to take care of them sufficiently. Actually, with the right guidance, children as young as eight are just as competent at wearing and caring for contact lenses and they should be offered the choice.

Generally before your child chooses lenses you should speak to your eye doctor to discuss any possible problems your child might encounter. Our Manasquan optometry practice can help you to come up with the right prescription for your young adult's contact lenses.

If your child or adolescent is in need of vision correction, why not try contact lenses? Through something as simple as a contact lens, you can make a world of a difference for your teen. With the wide assortment of contact lenses available, you and your optometrist can work with your child to decide what modality is most suitable for their character and style of life.


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